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How effective are HGH sprays?

The market may be flooded with a number of HGH sprays, but FTC (The Federal Trade Commission) believes that sprays do not contain or cause body to produce human growth hormone. In fact, The FTC had also won a temporary restraining order against marketers of oral sprays that supposedly contain human growth hormone (HGH exercises) to stop them from making alleged false and deceptive claims and from sending illegal spam. The FTC charged that the sprays, marketed on dozens of Web sites and through spam, do not result in any of the miracles such as reversing the aging process as advertised.


According to the FTC complaint, the advertisements for “HGH Revolution” and “Natural Rejuvenator HGH-R” made incredible claims such as:

“Experience up to an 82% IMPROVEMENT in body fat loss while erasing 10 YEARS in 10 WEEKS!”

In its complaint, the FTC also alleged the defendants made false claims about their products which lacked validity and they also falsely stated that scientific studies validate their claims. The false claims made by these companies were that their product:

- contained HGH or increased the body’s production of HGH;
- caused users to lose weight, without dieting or exercise;
- would turn back or slow the aging process, including increasing strength and energy;
- restoring the size of “bodily organs that shrink with age,” and improving memory; and
- would prevent, treat, or cure diseases and medical conditions, such as strengthening the immune system, lowering blood pressure, lowering cholesterol, increasing bone density, improving vision, quickening healing from injuries, acting as an antidepressant, and stabilizing mood swings.

The defendants in this case were Pacific Herbal Sciences, Inc. and its president, John A. Brackett, Jr., and Natural Health Product, Inc. and New Star Marketing Group, Inc. and their president, Lei Lu, also known as Lei Li, also doing business as IE Marketing, Inc. Keeping in consideration with this case, we would request our readers to be on their guard and not to be misled by false claims made by the companies. Before one starts the use of HGH, proper market study and user reviews should be considered to check the credibility of the company and standard of the product.

How effective are HGH nasal sprays?

Apart from oral sprays the market also is full of HGH nasal sprays which claim to be HGH releasers. The method of use involves a short burst of the product sprayed into the nasal cavity, and the spray is supposedly absorbed through the lining of the nose and passes into the blood stream to be carried to specific receptor sites. However, I have my own doubts about the effectiveness of these nasal sprays. Hgh molecules are quite big and it is a remote possibility for them to pass through the thin lining of the nasal cavity. In addition, such sprays are kept in liquid form where HGH loses its structural integrity becoming ineffective. Liquid HGH is also very sensitive to heat, losing potency if not kept at a temperature of 2-8 degrees. This temperature is much cooler than most consumer refrigerators and thus hgh sprays become useless after around 20 days. Its sensitivity also extends to vigorous movements, such as shaking, which can shatter the fragile links between atoms of the molecule. So, there are quite a few points to be considered before determining how effective HGH nasal sprays are.