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How effective are Homeopathic Human Growth Hormones?

Homeopathy is a system of medical practice that treats a disease especially by the administration of minute doses of a remedy that would in healthy persons produce symptoms similar to those of the disease. Homeopathy owes to Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843), a German physician, for its discovery and it works using the principle that if a herb causes a set of symptoms in a healthy person, it can also cure a patient with those same set of symptoms. In other words, it can be said that ‘Like cures Like’. Again, one more principle strongly believed by Homeopaths and that which is quite in contrast to allopathy is that ‘less is more effective’. That is why homeopathic remedies are often water or alcohol based dilutions.

Homeopathic Hgh

Now, coming to the point, Homeopathic Hgh are dilutions of Hgh in water and one dose of Homeopathic Hgh contains a real small portion of Hgh actually in it and works more on the principle of stimulating pituitary gland to produce more of its own Hgh. Another form of homeopathic human growth hormone that has risen in popularity is a supplement that uses amino acids that supposedly have the same effects on your metabolism and health as HGH would. How true are the claims made by these homeopathic hgh is still a question of debate. However, there are certain benefits claimed by the marketers of homeopathic Human Growth Hormone above other Hgh products:

1) Since, the dosage is small and also no synthetic foreign hormones are being introduced in the body, these are safe and without any side effects.
2) Homeopathic Hgh gives you small doses at a frequent interval. So, the body gets a chance of better absorption than a single large dose.
3) Instead of introducing a foreign hormone in the body, using homeostasis the homeopathic medicine stimulates the pituitary gland so that it produces more human growth hormone.
4) The homeopathic medicines have been approved by the Food and Drug Authority of the United States for consumption in the United States.

Human Growth Hormones have shown positive effects on bone density

Benefits of Hgh range from heart to brain, skin to libido, and also to the connective tissue, muscle, and healing potential of the skeletal system. Hgh has a dramatic capacity to work wonders on fragile and fractured bones. Hgh benefits our skeletal system by its ability to make new one and repair the damaged tissues. HGH stimulates osteoblast (bone) and fibroblast (supporting tissue) proliferation. In a recent study using the sensitive techniques of quantitative tomography and single photon absorptiometry, significant increases of 5% and 4% were demonstrated in spinal and cortical bone density over 12 months of therapy in HGH-deficient adults. In a Swedish study of 44 Hgh deficient men and women between the ages of 23 and 66, it was found that two years of Hgh treatment significantly increased the density of the bones in the hip joint and the vertebrae of the lower spine. There were increases in calcium, osteocalcin, and two types of collagen, which are markers of bone formation.

Studies have also shown that Growth Hormone treatment helps to build bone density and reduces the risk of fractures in pre- and post-menopausal women as well as those suffering from osteoporosis. Treatment of recombinant human growth hormone in elderly osteoporotic women has shown that Hgh led to an increase in handgrip strength, decrease in waist/hip ratio, increased bone formation and decreased osteoporosis. Gh therapy taken in men for prolonged period showed increased bone mineral density in spine and femoral neck and patients with osteopenia (low bone mass) were reduced by 50%. Lower growth hormone levels are found in patients with bone fractures and bone density significantly improved with hgh therapy with the increased formation and strength of cortical bone. Low dose recombinant human growth hormone normalizes bone metabolism and improves trabecular bone density in growth hormone deficient adults without causing adverse effects.